Meetings withoutbeing online at the same time

Work asynchronously and remotely across distributed teams and timezones, without distractions from scheduled meetings.

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Future of work async

Remote + Async

Goodbye Scheduled Meetings

The Future of Work is Asynchronous. Banish video meetings and calls. Work in a team without being online simultaneously. Gain time flexibility and focus to do deep work.

Collaborate in 3 Easy Steps

Launch a new huddle with a client or team members with just one click. Kick it off with a brief introduction of the agenda.

Invite participants to the meeting with a link, no login needed. Send and receive talking head webcam videos and screen shares.

Videos from participants are automatically transcribed and curated in one page for easy reference. Simply conclude the meeting with action points and notes.

No more Zoom fatigue

✔️ Create meeting agendas and share invites easily.

✔️ Participate anytime / anywhere by recording screen shares and webcam.

❌ No need for everyone to be online at the same time for a discussion.

❌ No more scheduled meetings interrupting you at random times whilst you're in the middle of deep work.

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Record with just a click

There is no need to log in or install any software, simply join the meeting link and off you go!


Interactive and collaborative

Teammates can asynchronously + virtually get together to view recordings. Post comments and reactions to each others' inputs. It's almost like being together in the same room.


Actionable outcomes

Conclude the meeting with decisions, action points and share it with the The huddle page is curated with all the information you need. Recordings are are automatically transcribed, view the entire conversation at any time.


Efficient and effective communication

Participate in huddles at a time that is best for you. Be more productive and dive into deep work without distractions from scheduled meetings.

Asynchronous & Remote

No more constant distractions from scheduled meetings. Collaborate from wherever, whenever.

No Video Call Fatigue

Video conferencing exhausts the human mind and body. Async recordings lets you pause and breathe.

Across Timezones

Great for distributed teams working across timezones. Say goodbye to timezone headaches.

Flow, focus and velocity

Gain more deep work time, work faster and more efficiently. Hit all your goals without the overhead of scheduled meetings.

Document without any effort

Automatically transcript every discussion. No more note-taking or forgetting to press record.

Ease of Use

It is easy to use. Simply click the button and start recording.

Async not ASAP.Take back control of your time